15 April 2014

Morning Ride in the Rain

The best rides in the rain start out in a light mist.  That was this morning.  The radar showed heavy rain on the way, so I figured I'd just get in a quick half hour before it all hit.  Better than regretting not going and feeling frustrated all day.

After half an hour, I was already soaked and loving it.  Generally, I won't start a ride in the rain, but on days like today it's always fun to be soaked and to just enjoy it.

I was also thinking that 65 degrees and wet would be great any day over cold and icy, which is what we had for a good chunk of the winter.

On a related note, saw this random post on Instagram from a spot near me last Sunday and had to shake my head.  I don't understand people who shell out that kind of money to ride a handful of times a year.  I like to think I'm not the judging type, but in some cases, apparently I am.

12 April 2014

Adjusting to Spring

This is such a goofy time of year.  Now that my morning bike rides start out at 50 or 55 degrees, it's like I've forgotten how to dress for it.  It was just last week, after all, that temps were in the 30s.  It's hard to let go of the light winter gloves, long cycling tights, and windbreaker, but I'm sure in another week I'll adjust.  :-)

What to do?

30 March 2014

Falls Church City Mulls Ideas on Improving the W&OD

Falls Church City is arguably a blight on the otherwise wonderful W&OD trail.  Much of this is due to history and the City's many at-grade crossings of what used to be the railroad.  Still, the City hasn't been imaginative until lately, other than the controversial bridge built over Rt. 7 several years back.  (Residents complained to high heaven about that, but everyone acknowledges now that it's been good all the way around.)

Up for discussion at the City Council last week were a variety of improvements.  Full City proposal here.  Here's hoping that many of these ideas come to fruition -- and that Falls Church cyclists will turn out at subsequent meetings to support them.  Otherwise, the NIMBYers who fought the bridge will bog down the debate.

At the Intersection of Double Doom by Taco Bell.
On the west side of the crossing at Great Falls Street.

Entering Falls Church from Arlington.

29 March 2014

Rosslyn's New Crosswalk of Doom

Most runner-cyclists know to avoid this area at Arlington's Rosslyn Metro Station, but bike commuters may not have a choice.   This is only a few blocks away from the infamous Intersection of Doom.  Said intersection now has a helpful Bikeometer, which displays how many cyclists are put at risk daily, monthly, and yearly.

Photo credit and link to article.